Tom Brady: GOAT

Tom Brady with all of his rings.

Tom Brady with all of his rings.

Kyle Hauser, Reporter

      Tom Brady, born in California, has lived for football his entire life.  He played football at Junipero Serra High School and broke nearly every football record possible.  From his high school, he got a full ride scholarship to Michigan University.  Tom Brady started 25 of his possible 31 games at Michigan.  In his college career, he had over 400 completions for over 5,000 yards.  With all of those yard, Brady was able to string together 35 touchdowns.  Even for people who do not know anything about football, it is clear to see that Tom Brady is one of the most elite quarterbacks to play at the college level.  

     People never know how a college quarterback is going to adjust to the pro level when he gets there.  Even though Brady was one of the most elite college quarterbacks at the time, he did not get drafted until the sixth round by the New England Patriots.  

     Since then, Tom Brady has proved over and over that he deserves to be classified as one of, if not the, elite quarterback in the entire NFL.  Since he has entered the NFL, he has thrown over 60,000 yards with throwing over 450 touchdowns and rushing in another 17.  

     Tom Brady has been known to be athletic, but as one can see by his stats, he throws much more than he rushes the ball which is typical for a quarterback.  

     As for this 2016-2017 season, Tom Brady is having another astonishing season.  RIght now, he is gearing up to play in his seventh Super Bowl and hoping to win his fifth of the seven.  Tom Brady will most likely stick to his arm and hope to have that propel them into a major win over the Atlanta Falcons.