The Bachelor Week 4


Lizzy Darling, Reporter

      Week 4 of the Bachelor is full of drama, confrontation started the episode and ending it.  The girls felt that Nick is not there for the right reasons but he assures them that he is there trying to find love.  At the rose ceremony he said goodbye to Brittney and Christen.  The next day Chris tells the girls that they will be traveling to Nick’s hometown of Milwaukee, WI.  

      The girls arrive and right away Nick picks Danielle L to show here the town of Waukesha.  They head to a bakery where they make their own cookies then takes her to a park and tells them all about his past girlfriends from high school.  At their dinner they discuss her parents divorce and how it affected her.  Danielle’s fear is that the love she finds won’t last, Nick reassures her by  offering the rose and she accepts.  

      The next date is a group date with 13 of the girls to a Dairy Farm to do chores.  They start of with feeding the cows and milking them.  They end the day with the shoveling of poop, where Corrine sat out because she “lost feeling in her fingers”.  At the cocktail for that night, the ladies confront Corrine for sleeping during the rose ceremony and being immature during the pool party.  She then thinks they are attacking her but she doesn’t care and just brushes it off.  Kristina got the rose for the group date.  

      The final one-on-one for the week was with Raven and she got to meet his family.  They attended his little sister’s soccer game and met his parents.  Then Nick, Raven and his sister go to a skate park and roller skate.  At their dinner they talked about her past relationship where she was cheated on and walked in on it.  They had a really deep conversation and so he offered the rose and she accepted.           

      The episode ended with the cocktail party when Taylor takes Corrine outside and talks about her attitude around the other girls and around Nick.  She feels that she is not ready as a mid twenty year old to marry a 36 year old bachelor.  As the fight beings the show cuts and shows previews of girls crying and yelling for next week.  

      Next week’s episode on January 30, 2017 at 7 p.m. on ABC.