The Dakota access pipeline

The Dakota access pipeline

Gracie Thies, News Editor

 Ever since Donald Trump has taken office, he has been making all the headlines with the countless changes taking place with the use of his pen and the help of his white, male assistants behind him.

     Shortly after Obama left the office and shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline project, Trump signed an executive order to move forward and build the pipeline. He made it official on Tues, Jan. 24.

     There are positives and negatives to the costly project. The pipeline will travel from North Dakota to Illinois and create more jobs. All the materials used to build it will be made in the U.S., thus preventing the U.S. from having to import goods from other countries.

     With the project comes many downsides that could possibly outweigh the positives. The pipeline is directed to go right through Native American lands.

     “President Trump is legally required to honor our treaty rights and provide a fair and reasonable pipeline process,” said Standing Rock Sioux Tribe chairman, Dave Archambault II. “Americans know this pipeline was unfairly rerouted towards our nation and without our consent. The existing pipeline route risks infringing on our treaty rights, contaminating our water and the water of 17 million Americans downstream.”

     Building the pipeline would also mean putting millions of Americans at risk from contaminated water if anything were to go wrong. Native Americans have been protesting since the beginning of last year and thought that they had found hope when the project had come to a holt, but that has suddenly disappeared. Among the Native Americans protesting was senior University of Wisconsin-Madison basketball player, Bronson Koenig, who is a white Native American and his mom is a Ho Chunk tribe native.

     Koenig has taken time out of his busy schedule to help the Native Americans find hope with the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline and has even protested back at college for UW-Madison.

     Although there is no stopping the pipeline from being built, there is no doubt that Native Americans and other Americans will disagree with the decision that Trump made to advance the project.