The Bachelor Week 5


Lizzy Darling, Reporter

      Week 5 of Bachelor is when the biggest drama of season is confronted between Corinne and Taylor.  They argued that Corinne is too unintelligent for Nick and feel that she is immature to be married to a 36 year old.  Taylor said that Corinne is not emotionally intelligent enough to be in a long term relationship.  At the rose ceremony, Nick sent home Astrid and Sarah even though everyone wanted Nick to choose Corinne.  They then move to New Orleans to explore a new city.

      The first one on one for the new city was given to Rachel where they got their own Second Line, that is where the a band marches and moves in the street for a celebration for someone.  They then find a club where there is a band playing and they dance and sing in the club.  At their dinner, Nick seemed to break the Bachelor rules by saying, “I am super into you”, and offered a rose.  

      At the group date, Nick takes the girls to the most haunted house in New Orleans.  They spent the night and hear the story of the little girl that was born and died in the same room who was always in search of her doll.  They played Oujia and it was working.  Raven and Vanessa notice that the doll is gone and the lights shut off in the house and the suspense begins to build.  Jasmine, is a nonbeliever and is touches the sacred statue and the chandelier falls.  They all have time with Nick but he felt the most connection with Danielle and offered the group date rose to her.  

      The first two on one is between Taylor and Corinne and will be the most dramatic date of the season.  They boat on a swamp to do a Vo-Do reading for the three of them but then the reader said there was too much tension so they needed to have single readings.  Taylor was being read first and Corinne took that time to say that Taylor is verbally bullying her.  Then they switch and Corinne was read and Taylor took the time to say that Corinne doesn’t have emotional intelligence to be in a committed relationship.  Nick made a tough decision that she wants Corinne to stay and sent home Taylor.  When Taylor leaves he finds where Nick and Corinne are having dinner and interrupts them.  

      The drama continues Monday Feb. 6 on ABC at 7pm.