Lauren Alaina Album review


Samantha Erb, Reporter

  American Idol was one of the most watched music shows that tv has had. It also ran for 15 complete season’s. Season tens runner up Lauren Alaina recently came out with her new album which was inspired by her father’s alcoholism and her eating disorder.  She hasn’t had an album come out since 2011 after she won second place. Her first album Wildflower consisted of twelve songs starting with Georgia Peaches and ending with The Dirt Road Prayer.

Back in 2011 Lauren Alaina was not happy with her weight so she decided that she wanted injections into her legs in effort to lose weight. Then that led to bulimia, she then lost forty pounds

.“I was letting someone I was never going to be in the same room with impact my everyday happiness,” said Alaina

 After everything she was ordered to a two week rest of no singing. Her mom and her stayed in their beach house and were able to get Alaina back to normal. She now agrees with the fact that speaking out and against what she did makes her stronger and much happier.