“Illinois cheer will never be the same”


Bella Kehrer, Showcase Editor

    For the first time in North’s history the competitive cheer team brought home a first place state trophy. The team had a phenomenal year leading up to state and winning state put the cap on their season.

  Sweeping the conference and sectional titles North advanced to state. After competing day one the team was a little nervous for results. One stunt had fallen which was causing the team to have doubts if they’d make it to day two. The competition was tough, so any slight deduction could have caused them to not advance. As the nine other teams who were called celebrated, North was left questioning if they’d make it to day two. It was then that ‘Belvidere North’ was called out and the team celebrated.

    “It was so nerve wracking being the last team called because it was between us and our biggest competition,” said Nick Quinley (‘18).

   Day two was filled with emotion. North was placed last to compete which they considered an advantage. As the team headed into warmups another coach gave the team a pep talk, motivating them that they could do it and that they are a team that everyone wants to be and that this was their year.  During warm-ups the team was very confident, they gave their team prayer and held hands as they were about to be announced. When the announcer shouted “Belvidere North you may take the floor” the team walked onto the mat with big smiles on their faces. Luckily for North they walked off the mat with not only smiles but tears. They hit their routine perfectly. No deductions. As the team walked into the debriefing room everyone was crying. They knew they had the best performance of their entire season.

    “I knew we hit right after all coed’s went up. This was the best moment of my life, and I’m so happy I got to share it with my whole team. This was the perfect way to end my senior year,” said Katelyn Kehrer (‘17).

    After the exhibition teams went, large awards were going. After those three teams were called it was the coed division. Teams packed the floor. North sat close together and held hands as they awaited to hear the results. Third got called, not them. As the second place team gets called North stays calm, knowing anything could have happened. As the first place team is about to get called teams begin to watch North knowing they are going to be called, and in that second you hear Belvidere North come out of the announcer’s mouth. The team in disbelief that they were state champions. Tears, hugs, and happiness filled the circle as the athletes head over to be named ‘2017 State Champions’

    “This was what we have been working for since the summer, to hear Belvidere North called for first place was something I have waited for, and it happened,” said Hannah Konkler (‘18).