The upside down is back


Stranger Things 2 comes to Netflix this Halloween

Cassiana Pozzi, entertainment editor

     Fans watching the Superbowl were in for a surprise when an old-fashioned Eggo commercial went static. It became clear after the first few seconds that this was no Eggo commercial, but rather a teaser trailer for Stranger Things 2.

     The screen then cuts to Eleven, the well known main girl in Stranger Things, waking up to someone screaming her name. The main boys are then featured riding around town on their bikes and showing up to school in ghostbuster costumes. A lot of the scenes in the teaser are unclear at the time but will be revealed late in the season, including a large, red, spider-like figure in the distance from one of the character’s doorway. More people have looked closer and saw that Will Byers, the missing boy from season one, had been taken to therapy, most likely for the traumatic events he went through in the last season. Another detail fans noticed was Eleven, who was known for her shaved head, now had short, curly hair.

     There was very little dialogue but creators made it clear that the world of the “upside down” was back. The upside down is a dimension that exists parallel to the dimension inhabited by people. The upside down also happened to be where characters Nancy and Jonathan had explored in and where Will was taken to in season one. It is also believed that the upside down dimension is where Eleven will be in the start of the new season after defeating a monster from that realm in the last episode. We are unsure if the monsters from that dimension will resurface this season but what does surface seems to be far worse.

     Now, watchers will have to wait until Halloween to watch the season two. But until then, the first eight episodes are available on Netflix. Soon fans will have an answer to the question of what happened to Eleven?