The Bachelor Week 6

The Bachelor Week 6

Lizzy Darling, Reporter

      Week six of the Bachelor begins when Nick and Corinne go off to their dinner date after he sends home Taylor from the two on one.  Unannounced, Taylor interrupts the two and steals Nick away to confront Corinne’s lies.  She said that she is not the only girl to believe that Corinne is wrong and too immature for Nick.  He takes into consideration what she said but ultimately sends her home and keeps Corinne.

      At the rose ceremony, many of the girls are hoping for extra time with Nick at the cocktail party but Nick cancels it.  He sends home Alexis (the dolphin/shark girl), Jaimi, and Josephine.  Then Nick surprise them with a trip to St. Thomas to begin their next adventure full of relaxing time spent on the beach.  That is not what he got.   

      Kristina has the one-on-one for the week and they explore a beach and she talks about her experience in an orphanage.  She moved to the US to start her new life and she left behind her other foster siblings.  Nick was touched by her story and gave her the rose.  

      The group date went to another beach to play volleyball and other beach activities.  Jasmine, the only woman to not have a one-on-one, was being jealous.  Started getting really emotional and the other girls believe that she is spiraling out of control.  All of the girls felt that Nick was not giving the girls enough time alone and is too focused on the group setting.  The girls started crying and were having a terrible time.  When the night sets in, Jasmine takes him to talk about her feelings but it doesn’t change anything and gets sent home.  Raven receives the group date rose at the end of the night.     

      The two-on-one brought unexpected turn.  Whitney was sent home almost immediately because he didn’t feel a connection with her like he did with Danielle L.  Danielle L and Nick go on the rest of the date and she said that she is falling in love with him but he sends her home because he doesn’t feel the same way.  

      Nick goes into the hotel room with the rest of the girls, crying, because he feels that this might be a mistake and he is afraid that he won’t find anyone.  The show cuts off and leaves all the audience and girls shocked.  

      Next week’s episode will air Monday, February 13, 2017 on ABC at 7.