Tom Brady GOAT


Connor Walsh, Co-Sports editor

     The topic of who is the greatest quarterback of all time always will spark a huge debate among NFL fans.  Many names and opinions have been given on this topic, but after this past super bowl, one name stands alone. Tom Brady, the greatest Quarterback of all time.  

     There are many out there who believe that Peyton Manning is the greatest signal caller of all time, and for good reason too.  For right now, Manning has the slight statistical edge in career passing yards and touchdowns.  But when it comes to actually winning football games, he’s not in the same league as Brady.  In head to head matchups, Brady is 12-6 against Manning throughout their careers.  Brady also has won the most games of all time out of any quarterback.  

     Another thing that measures a quarterback’s greatness is the amount of rings that they have won.  Brady has an unprecedented five rings for a quarterback, to go along with four Super Bowl MVP awards.  His record in Super Bowls is 5-2 in his career, with both of his losses coming down to single score games against Eli Manning and the Giants.  

     What really has sealed his greatness is his ability to come up when his team needs him the most.  He has now led his team to last second wins in three out of the five Super Bowls that they have won, with the most recent one being the most impressive.  In Super Bowl 51, the Patriots were down by 25 in the third quarter.  From there, Brady took the reigns, marching his team up and down the field with surgical precision on his throws.  He was able to tie the game up and send it into overtime, and drove down the field one last time to win his fifth ring.  This marked the first overtime win in Super Bowl history, and the largest comeback ever in the Super Bowl.  On the game, Brady went 43-62 with 466 yards, with two touchdowns and an interception.   His pass completions, attempts, and yards were all Super Bowl records.   

     A ring for the thumb has cemented Brady as the greatest of all time.  Even Manning’s old favorite target, Reggie Wayne, has recently admitted that he is a better player.  Brady is offically the GOAT.