The bears are coming


Trump poses with a group of women for a photo.

Burke Cochran, Co-Features Editor

      In a groundbreaking decision, Betsy DeVos was confirmed for her position of Secretary of Education. This contentious confirmation was settled in a 50-51 vote, having Mike Pence as a tiebreaker.

      Betsy DeVos has come under fire for several controversial statements she has made. She plans to get rid of gun free school zones, as they are needed for student protection. However, when pressed on the issue she claimed this was a protection for bear attacks. It is also that, coincidently with Trump’s views, she plans to overall cut educational funding.

     More Democrats cast votes against Ms. DeVos than all previous education secretaries combined, dating back to the position’s creation in 1980.

     Many other of Trump’s cabinet members have yet to be confirmed.

     Donald Trump took to twitter to express his displeasure that democrats are slowing the confirmation Process. However, several of Trump’s cabinet have yet to fill out the paperwork required.

     He, at this point, calls it the largest delay in modern history. Several Presidents have waited much longer than he has at this point. George H. W. Bush did not get all of his cabinet members until Mar. 17. Barack Obama has had the longest wait in modern history. He did not receive his last cabinet confirmation until Apr. 28.

     However, at the current rate it is likely that Trump’s wait could be longer than Obama’s. At this point, he has less positions filled than Obama had. This trend could be reversed if his pick for Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, fills out the ethics paperwork required. Of Trump’s cabinet only eight have been finalized as of early February.