False Comcast Claims

False Comcast Claims

     Recently, a large internet provider has been told to stop saying it provides the “fastest internet” as the claim may be false.

     Comcast has been advertising itself as a company that delivers “the fastest internet in America” and has the “fastest in-home Wi-Fi,” however they have been told to stop advertising themselves this way according to the advertising industry’s self-regulating body. The National Advertising Review Board (NARB) has ruled that Comcast claims are false as it can not provide sufficient information to prove that they deliver the fastest internet in the United States.

     Earlier this month Verizon challenged Comcast’s advertising claims, which lead to the recent ruling that has made Comcast change their current ads. Comcast went on to say that even though they disagree with the ruling, they will still comply with the decision.

     Comcast used crowdsourced speed test data from Ookla to determine Xfinity internet speeds, however according to NARB the data that Ookla provides is not accurate enough to determine whether or not Comcast internet is truly faster than Xfinity’s.

     The ad review board went on to say that “America’s fastest internet,” claims gave the impression that Comcast offers “overall internet speed superiority in all tiers of service that it provides” meaning that while it’s possible that Comcast has better speeds at a $49.99 package compared to Xfinity’s similar priced packages, it is still possible that Comcast inferior in a higher or lower priced package deal that is similar to Xfinity’s.

     NARB also said that Comcast’s “fastest internet” claim is based on router performance, even though Internet speeds are primarily dictated by a customer’s ISP internet speed.

     Comcast will now have no choice but to comply with the NARB’s ruling of false advertising and be forced to\change their current ad’s.