Cruelty Free Makeup

Cruelty Free Makeup

Cindy Oyervides, Reporter

     Pain, suffering, and torture. These are the things animals go through when they are tested on against their will. They have products rubbed in their eyes, are cut open, and are put through extreme amounts of unnecessary pain in order to be test subjects for makeup that many people wear. There is no requirement in America for makeup companies or any type of company to test on animals, yet many still do.

     A few of the big drugstore companies that test on animals are Maybelline, Revlon, and L’Oreal. All of these companies pay millions to advertise their products but never show the pain that is behind the makeup. Thousands of animals are tested on by these companies without any regard for the animal’s life or well being. Every bunny, rat, and guinea pig suffers while being tested on. High end brands that test on animals are Lancome, MAC, and Benefit. These companies charge a lot more for their products and, despite having more money than needed to conduct alternative tests, still decide to torture innocent animals. Money is not the problem, people are.

     In nearly all instances, alternatives to testing on animals costs less and are more effective. Companies are willing to pay more just to test on animals when the results aren’t as accurate as they make it out to seem. According to cruelty-free international, when a guinea pig is tested on to predict a skin reaction for a human, it’s only accurate about 72% of the time. In addition,  combinations of both cell-based alternatives and chemistry have proven to be 90% accurate. Comparing a different species test results to our own doesn’t make sense because they don’t develop the way we do and their bodies aren’t the same as ours. Testing on the available alternatives have proven to be closer to actual reactions from humans, which is why smart companies have stopped testing on animals.

     There are many different options besides testing on animals. Most of these methods are relatively new and quite advanced, but they are effective and accurate. Science has become so advanced and the way it works now is far better than before. With that in mind, creating skin prototypes and organs is something that people in the science field are able to do.  Donors can donate tissue that will be tested on and is more accurate than testing on an animal that isn’t even part of our species. Computer models are yet another example of an alternative. This isn’t as interactive as the others, but it’s still an option. The final alternative is taking volunteers; volunteers aren’t being tested on against their will like the animals big companies test on. Volunteers can be tested on safely, effectively, and can provide helpful information for companies.

     Animal testing is currently a big problem and there are still thousands and thousands of innocent animals that are forced to be put through horrible tests. There are many companies that don’t test on animals such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, NYX, and Too Faced. Brands that don’t test on animals range from being very inexpensive to being high-end and expensive. These brands are ethical and aware of the benefits of alternative testing. A lot of people have also become aware of the torture animals go through and feel bad so they switch over to cruelty-free brands because they don’t have to spend more money to pay for products that aren’t tested on animals. Animal testing is a sad and horrible thing; it’s time for big companies to stop conducting useless, ineffective, and costly tests on innocent animals.