Spring Training 2017

Spring Training logo for 2017

Spring Training logo for 2017

Ben Clanin, Co-Sports Editor

The winter is finally starting to come to an end, football season is over, and for many die hard baseball fans their long wait is finally over.  Spring training has officially started with pitchers and catchers reporting to their respective camps on February 13th.  Position players usually show up a few days later depending on the team, but the whole team is usually down to their camps by February 20th.  It is about a month and a half of workouts and exhibition games down in Florida and Arizona.  It is broken up into two leagues, the Cactus League out of Arizona and the Grapefruit League in Florida.  There are 15 teams in both leagues, and those teams are a mix of American League and National League teams.  

     Spring training is mostly a chance for teams to see what they have in their organizations before opening day comes along in April. For young prospects it is an opportunity to show the Major League coaches what they can bring to the big league roster, and for veterans it is a chance to improve their game even more.  But for all players it is a chance to knock off the offseason rust and get back into baseball form.  Many of the innings played will go to players that are almost unheard of because they are so young and are looking to get their start in Major League baseball.  A lot of games will be the first four innings or so will go to the starters to give them an opportunity to get into games, see live pitching, and get real game situations to prepare them for the season coming up.  But after those few innings the games will be turned over to the rookies and young prospects to see how they handle hitting of big league pitchers,  to see how they handle in game situations, and to see if they can be an asset to the team later on in the season.  

     Spring Training is a great opportunity for new players as well.  During the offseason many teams added to their roster and picked up players that are new to the program.  Spring Training give these players a chance to adjust to their new teammates, coaches, and programs as a whole.  It also gives them a sense of what the fan base is in their new city.

     “The best part about spring training is knowing that the season is right around the corner,” said Zack Larson (‘17).  “It’s fun to see the prospects go up against big league pitchers and to see how they do.”

     The regular season begins on April second in a rivalry showdown between the St. Louis Cardinals and the defending champion Chicago Cubs.