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Garrett Nelson, Reporter

The quarterback is arguably the most important position on the football field at any given time. Whether it is by leading the offense on the field or leading on the sidelines, they are a very important player on the team. A lot of times a quarterback doesn’t move around a whole lot and tends to stick with one team, but 2017 looks as if that could change.

For starters, the Buffalo Bills are likely to dump Tyrod Taylor instead of paying him upwards of $27 million and will probably be in the hunt for QB Tony Romo. Taylor will then be on the lookout for a starting spot on another team over the offseason.

Next are the Bears, they are reportedly going to cut Jay Cutler and look to trade for Illinois native Jimmy Garoppolo. If that deal does not go through they will likely use their third overall pick for a quarterback. The likely picks for the team are Clemson’s Deshaun Watson, Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer, or UNC’s Mitch Trubisky.

The hunt for Jimmy Garoppolo also includes teams such as the Browns and 49ers. There will undoubtedly be a wild scramble for Garoppolo and the only question is who will win.

Houston is a pretty solid fit for Tony Romo and a seriously possible one. They owe Brock Osweiler over $18 million for the upcoming year, so they don’t want to spending a lot of money on a new guy. But, getting an older veteran like Romo may help them push further into the playoffs than the last couple years.

The Jets are starting with a clean slate, and will likely go with a rookie in the draft. They are also possible contenders for Cutler, but this doesn’t seem likely considering their high draft pick and options in Tyrod Taylor.

Washington is going to be trying to resign Kirk Cousins, but if they are unable and Cousins goes somewhere else then they are going to be scrambling around for another guy to fill their roster spot. A likely candidate for that position would be Tony Romo, or maybe Tyrod Taylor. A long shot for the Redskins would be Jay Cutler.

With Cutler being cut and Taylor being let go there are going to be a lot of moves in this NFL offseason centered around the head of the offense. Some high round draft picks could be traded off for a QB, or they could be used to draft one.

With all of these what if’s floating around, on thing is for sure. There will be a lot to follow throughout the course of the offseason.