Tom Crean Sucks

Tom Crean Sucks

Kyle Hauser, Reporter

Indiana has had a long legacy of being one of the elite collegiate basketball programs in the country.  Indiana has won five National Championships.  There are only two schools that have won more Division 1 National Championships, UCLA and Kentucky.  They are currently tied with North Carolina and Duke.  This 2016-2017 season, the Hoosiers were looking promising to have another unbelievable run with a chance at the National Title. Many analysts were saying that this team had a chance to be one of the best team that Indiana has had.

The season started out strong with huge wins over the University of North Carolina and the University of Kansas.  After those key wins, the Hoosiers were ranked in the top five of the AP standings.  After those two wins, the Hoosiers season fell apart.  One thing that hurt the Hoosiers was the injury of their only senior starter, Collin Hartman.  Hartman was either a starter or the sixth man last season.  With his injury, the Hoosiers lost a lot of leadership on and off of the court.  

A major turning point in the Hoosiers season was their lose to Fort Wayne University.  For most people, even if they watch tons of college basketball, has never heard of Fort Wayne.  The Hoosiers came in cocky and lost to a school that didn’t even deserve to be on the court with them.  From there, the season continued to get worse for the Hoosiers.

Hoosier fans were hoping that they would be able to turn their season around and have a strong conference season.  The Hoosiers are currently five and eight.  Their record does not reflect how bad they have played.  Many of their games, they have been in control nearly the whole game and blown it at the end.

Many blame this on the coach, Tom Crean.  When watching games, Crean makes dumb mistakes all the time.  He is subbing people in and out all the time.  As for Thomas Bryant, he is a very emotional and influential player, but Crean does not have him conditioned and is subbed for nearly half the game.  

All in all, the season is being blamed on Tom Crean which is reasonable.  He has done a phenomenal job in recruiting stellar athletes from all across the country, but does not know how to coach them which leads to their terrible record.  The Hoosiers have lots of potential, but cannot be exploited while Tom Crean is still the head coach.