The Bachelor Week 7


“THE BACHELOR” – EPISODE 2107 (screen grab) AIR DATE: 02/13/17 CR: ABC

Lizzy Darling , Reporter

      Week 7 begins with the to be continued from next week when Nick talks to the girls how he is feeling.  He feels, hopeful, with the six girls that are left and the connection with them are the reason that he sent Danielle home.  He decides to cancel the rose ceremony explore the connections in a deeper more romantic way when they travel to the Island of Bimini.  

      The girls arrive and immediately Vanessa gets the first one-on-one; they start off on a yacht and go scuba diving.  That night she tells Nick that she is falling in love with him, expecting a reassuring answer, she doesn’t get.  He responds with how he wants to take it slow because of how the past experiences with the show and falling too early.  There was no rose on the one-on-one so the night ends and the girls receive for the group date.   

      The group date includes Corinne, Raven and Christina.  Their date included, swimming with sharks.  It took Corinne and Christina by surprise and they start to worry but go and dive in anyways.     Christina gets out of the water and is immediately comforted by Nick.  Corinne is threatened because she felt that she is third wheeling a date between Nick and Christina.  Corinne questions if he is feeling the same way as she is because she has never received a one-on-one date.  He reassures her that she is there for a reason and he wants her there.  Nick gives the rose to Raven which means she is going to have a hometown date next week.  

      Danielle gets the next one on one but there is a lot of awkward moments on the date because there is no conversation flowing between them.  Danielle wants to tell him that she is falling for him and he is someone she can see herself with.  Unfortunately, Nick does not feel the same way and knows nothing will comes from it and he sends her home due to lack of connection.   

      That night Corinne know he is feeling depressed and hurt so she sneaks into Nick’s hotel to visit him. Before anything happens, out of respect for the remaining girls, Nick sends her back to the villa.  She is very nervous about her relationship with Nick and is embarrassed with what happened because it didn’t go as planned.    

       Rachel has the final date before hometowns and they go exploring the local Bimini.  It was a short date because the rose ceremony and cocktail party was that night.  

       Nick knows who he wants to send home and does not want to wait for the rose ceremony to tell her.  He takes Christina and tells her that he can’t be the person that loves her as much as he wants.  All of the girls are nervous because because of all the unexpected curves that he has done already though the season.   

      Next week’s episode are hometowns and will air Monday Feb. 20, 2017 at 7 p.m. on ABC.