Rockford Bank Shooting


Lauren Shelton, Reporter

      Just in the last two weeks, a young male attempted to rob Alpine Bank near Guilford High School during the school day. A little before 4 p.m. in the Friday afternoon, 34 year old Laurence Turner broke into the bank off of North Mulford and proceeded to shoot rounds into the ceiling. Then, Turner decided to turn his gun towards the armed security guard and shoot a round off. Turner was struck when the officer returned fire and was later pronounced dead near the main entrance by the Winnebago County Coroner’s Office. Fortunately, there was no customers present at the time of the shooting and no employees were injured during the conflict.

     The crime is currently being investigated as a homicide by the Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s Office, but detectives from the Rockford Police Department and FBI are also involved. Detectives believe that Turner could have also been involved in multiple other robberies in the area over the last few months. The identity of the security guard has remained confidential, but the public has been told that he works for Metro Enforcement and is currently on administrative leave.

     All of this has taken place just as the Rockford Police Department are moving into three new district police stations throughout the city. A ribbon-cutting ceremony and building tour took place just a few weeks ago for the first location that was ready. The goal of the three new stations is that they will help deter crime in the specific areas they are placed in.

     “It goes in part in pace with our philosophy. Being in bed with the community, being a part of the community, and working with the community…is not just functional, but symbolic,” said Rockford Police Chief Dan O’Shea.

     The home and business owners around the police stations have all been very supportive of the new locations as they hope it is going to make their neighborhoods safer and possibly even increase business. Various members of the community have already spoken up about how it is really going to change the region and promote growth.

   “I can’t tell you how excited I am for this day so that we can give our police officers and our community the building they deserve,” said City Administrator Jim Ryan.

     As the Rockford Police Department keeps putting in more overtime, only time will tell if the new locations will work to deter robberies and other crime.