Does the princess pass the test?

One Upon a Mattress musical coming soon to BNHS.

One Upon a Mattress musical coming soon to BNHS.

Samantha Erb, Reporter

   Once Upon a mattress is a show based on princess and the pea. But it has more of an adult twist to it. This musical is filled with a mute King, an over talkative Queen, a prince who has to marry a princess, and a princess who is anything but sympathetic. The cast has many people for singing and the cast consists of Mckenna Mosher (‘18) as the princess, Tommy Crocker (‘17) as the prince, Seth Lambright as the King (‘17) and the queen, played by Hannah Potter.

     “I think that the cast was very well chosen and is doing a good job with all the dances,” Anna Karl (‘20).

     This show is about a prince and his mom that need to find a wife. His mom is completely protective over him and she gives them an almost impossible test and if they pass they can marry, if they fail they, don’t marry him. A rule in the kingdom is that you can’t get married until the prince is married, and the knight wants to get married to his girlfriend. So he sets off on a journey to find a princess for the prince.

     After his journey he finds a girl in a swamp area, she comes into the kingdom. The mom is not happy about it because Princess Winifred doesn’t have good manners, so the queen doesn’t find her fit. The king really likes her and she doesn’t have anywhere to go so she stays in the castle. The queen gives her tests and the princess keeps passing. The queen then decides to put a pea in the mattress and if she could feel it then she can marry her son.

     “The difference between others shows and this one is that they were more dramatic and not a comedy like this one is, “ said Lambright (‘17).