EU to force Netflix on content details

EU to force Netflix on content details

     Recently, the EU has decided to force Netflix to let people watch any film in the EU no matter which country the user resides in.

     The European Parliament is currently finishing legalising a legislation that would allow people to access their online media such as films, music and games from their own country. At the moment it is very difficult and next to impossible to accomplish this in Europe due to restrictions that companies like Netflix place that block the use of VPN’s and other services.

     When the legislation is passed, the Parliament will stop content providers from using an IP address to locate where customers are streaming from. According to the EU, providers will now have to take “reasonable and proportionate measures,” which could include checking electronic identification, payment details, public tax information and postal address details.

     The new laws are being made so that people can enjoy their content no matter where they are, be it at home or traveling through Germany and France, however it could also force companies to open current restrictions that they have placed which keep people from watching films from other countries, even if the user is not traveling. Until recently, Netflix and other companies have harshly enforced their rules of keeping users from using VPN’s which would allow customers to see movies from other libraries.

     The EU stated that they made the decision because almost half of all EU internet users streamed music and watch films off of the internet. They also stated that they expect more people will use the ability to stream off any country when roaming charges come to an end throughout Europe which would allow people to use their normal data plan anywhere on the continent.

     In order for the rules to be officially recognized they will still have to be approved by the Legal Affairs Committee, Parliament as a whole and the European Council before they will be enforced.