Tana Mongeau Youtube Scandal


Cindy Oyervides, Reporter

     At the end of Jan., old videos of Youtuber Tana Mongeau surfaced and instantly people were furious. Tana has spoken out about racial issues and equality and has even called herself an advocate for these things. The videos that came out revealed her calling one of her African American friends the N word. Tana went about addressing the videos by trying to act like it never happened and then lied about her knowledge of the words meaning. Before the drama, Tana had around 2.5 million subscribers and after everything she was left with 2.4 million. A lot of her fans were fed up and hurt by her lies and unsubscribed to her channel in response to all of this.

     Tana posted a video on Jan. 24 titled, “The N Word”. In the video she talked about being an advocate for human rights and equality. She then continued on to describe a bad fan experience she had while on tour and exaggerated a lot of details and even made events up. At the time, many people believed her because she always says that she is real and honest. On February 6, another Youtuber named Ian that also goes by Idubbbz uploaded a video exposing Tana for the video she uploaded. In his video he talked about how he showed up to Tana’s show and when it was his turn to meet her he embraced her and told her to say the N word. When this video came out people immediately began unsubscribing to Tana.

     In Tana’s video, she said he put his thumb up and wouldn’t let go, both of which never occurred. She described him and said that he made her feel unsafe and fearful. The response Tana had to him saying this to her in real life was to run out of the room with her jaw dropped and kick him out. Ian never planned to hurt anyone but he had the entire situation recorded because he was going to use the footage later. The video he uploaded exposed her exaggerations and lies and the video spoke for itself. Tana was lying to those that got her where she is and she didn’t even have the courage at first to own up to her wrongdoings.

     About a week after Ian released his video, Tana uploaded an apology video. This time she finally owned up to her lies and her past actions. She explained why she lied and acknowledged that she shouldn’t have done it the way she did. Tana continued by saying she doesn’t expect anyone to stick around but is thankful to those who have and will be honest and upfront next time. She will continue uploading videos but now has less supporters because of the way she went about acknowledging the things she said in the past and for exaggerating the situation with Idubbbz.