Animal lives matter


Gracie Thies, News Editor

     Why is it that humans are cared for better than animals? What about the medical advancements made on humans. Have they helped animals? We give our pets all the love in the world, but nothing is drastically done to save our pets when it comes to their fastly approaching death bed.

     Humans are given every chance possible to save their life, but with animals it’s different. It’s amazing how MRI’s for humans are about $1,000 and covered under most insurances, but for animals they cost about $3,000 and the scan probably won’t do any good for the cause. Even with a scan as expensive as an MRI, veterinarians can’t do much to save the animal. If it’s a brain tumor, heart condition, or even a stroke, odds are the vet will say the animal has maybe a few days to live and that’s all they can do.

     In the midst of all this, the animal hospital is putting a hole in your bank account and spending every last bit of money on your beloved pet. One of the main reasons pet owners can not save their pets are the medical expenses. The animal hospitals can’t always afford the necessary equipment to diagnose animals so they charge more. It would be nice if owners could at least pay for a reasonably priced scan so they could see what might be the cause of a sudden impairment of their pet.

     Then again we are brought back to when there was animal testing, which there still is. Part of the reason we don’t see very many advances in animals is due to animal testing. It is used to help humans and even for the making of products we buy in the United States.

     There have been plenty of people and movies that have protested to stop animal testing, like Legally Blonde 2. No matter how hard we try to change and make the U.S. a better country, it seems like we are always putting ourselves first. What happened to helping others less fortunate than yourself?

     Animals are a part of this world we live in too, except they can’t voice their opinion on a subject matter that concerns them. There is a way to find advancements for humans and animals at the same time, but we can’t be one-sided and make it all about ourselves. Our animals’ lives matter, too.

     It’s odd how owners can choose to put their pet to sleep, but if we did that to humans, that would be inhumane and a sentence to prison. Pets are given a owner and they have to live with it. Animals’ lives are either put in danger or in good hands depending on their owner. Putting animals to sleep is just as inhumane as doing the exact same thing to humans.

     There is also something that pet owners say about putting their pet to sleep. Most will say their reason for doing do is for the good of pet, they were suffering, or there was no other option. One of the reasons is somewhat acceptable, but it’s outrageous that owners will give up on their pets before the animal was even given a chance to fight.

     None of this controversy would be happening if more medical advances were made for the benefit of animals. We shouldn’t be standing around waiting another century for animals to be as worthy of saving as humans. We need to start caring about what matters most to us. That is giving our furry friends the fully functioning life they deserve to live.