The warm weather is here

Bella Kehrer, Showcase Editor

 The weather has been extremely fickle this past season. From 30’s to 70’s all within a week. Is anyone ready for the warm weather? Do we really want the extra six weeks of winter? No.

   This week the weather has changed drastically and for the better. The temperature has increased a whole 40 degrees. With this warm weather in the air, many people have taken advantage.

  “I just got back from Florida so it was really nice being able to come back to the warm rather than the cold,” said Hannah Konkler (‘18).

  The groundhog predicted another six weeks of winter and that doesn’t seem to be true. The forecast has gone on a roller coaster this past week. Starting at 63 going down to 32 by Saturday.  By the next Tuesday the weather is supposed to be back at 59 degrees.

  “With the weather being so nice, I already have been to one bonfire. I love the warm weather so much better than the snow. I hope I can continue wearing short sleeves outside in February,” said Hayley Redner (‘18).

  With this weather there are many activities you can do such as hiking. There are many great hiking places in Illinois, one of the best in the US which is Starved Rock. Another would be tanning. Forget spending money in a tanning bed, laying outside and absorbing real uv rays is far better than laying in a bed and getting all sweaty.  A great way to look at the town is driving around. Although driving around can cost some money it’s a great way to hangout with your friends, roll the windows down and listen to music. Take pictures. One thing that can be really fun is to dress up and go out with your friends and go to some fun locations and take photos. Rock Cut State Park has really nice scenery where you can go out take pictures of each other or of the scenery.

  All in all, this great weather has been extremely crazy, but nobody is complaining. Who would prefer to shovel snow rather than go swimming or tan?