The next big break

The next big break

Samantha Erb , Reporter

Christmas break is the longest break in the middle of the school year. When we all come back from spring break some of us have tans or some of us didn’t do anything at all. Rory Herriman (‘20) is going to Orlando, Florida. He will be there for seven days. In those seven days he will be going to the beach, relaxing, going to Epcot Center, and Universal Studios.

     “I can’t wait for Florida, I don’t know what Epcot is but I’m excited to find out,” said Herriman (‘20).

     Emily Fleury (‘19) is going on a seven day cruise. Involving many activities on and off the ship. She will be swimming with the dolphins in Cozumel, going to a beach in Honduras, seeing turtles in Belize, eating food and enjoying the relaxing cruise. The cruise that she will be going on is the Carnival Cruise Line. She will be leaving on March 25 and will be back on the April 1.

     “I can’t wait to go, this will be my very first cruise and I can’t wait to see the little turtles,” said Fleury (‘19).

     While others stay home and enjoy simply hanging out with friends and being with family, or have practice for sports. Sofia Zeman (‘19) talks about how she looks forward to staying home and enjoying friends and family.

     “I love staying home and doing nothing,” said Zeman (‘19).

     All in all just having time off of school makes people happy, because they can sleep in and enjoy the comfort of their own house. With no homework, early bedtimes, no stress about studying, sleeping over with friends, and enjoying the weather if it is nice enough. Spring break is the shorter version of christmas break. Even tho christmas break is much longer, spring break still has the nice satisfying feeling of not being in class all day.
     “Having time off of school makes me happy, I don’t even need to be doing anything all I care about is being off of school,” said Camille Spencer (‘19).