When will we meet again?


Ben Clanin, Co-Sports Editor

     As a senior in high school graduation is right around the corner, and with that comes going off to college come the fall.  For some this means staying around home and going to Rock Valley, but for others this means leaving and going far away to school. For me personally I will be attending the University of Missouri in Columbia this fall, which is about six hours away from here.  As for my girlfriend she will be attending the University of Mississippi which from here is about nine and a half hours and about seven hours away from where I will be in Missouri.  We began dating about three months ago and we had the discussion about a long distance relationship before we even began dating.  

     There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that a long distance relationship will be a challenge, mainly because it will be so different from seeing her almost every day to going months at a time without seeing each other. The main thing we are focused on right now is spending a lot of time with each other and having fun while we are still here.  But even though we try to spend a good amount of time together we know how equally important it is that we make time for our friends and family, and that will definitely help us when we head off for school come August.  We are looking forward to going off and doing our own things while we are at school, going and making our own memories with our new friends and having our own separate experiences and then at the end of the day we will be able to tell each other all about it.  The key for us will be learning how to become independent while also keeping in touch with each other, and understanding that we both have lives outside of just each other.

     We are definitely going to work out times to go visit one another (hopefully I go when Ole Miss plays Alabama) and we will always see each other during holiday breaks like Christmas.  We will obviously keep in touch almost every day and be talking to each other, but by far the biggest part of any long distance relationship is simply trust.  As long as you trust the other person to make the right decisions then everything will be a whole lot easier.

     But the one thing that really makes long distance worth it is it is a testament to how loyal your boyfriend or girlfriend is and it shows you how much you mean to them.  If you can make long distance work it should be fairly obvious that the two of you want to be with each other and nobody else.  The best example I have ever seen of this was my brother Nate and his girlfriend, Jessica. They began dating sophomore year of high school after they went to homecoming together and they stayed together all through high school.  After graduation they decided to go to separate schools, my brother went to Butler University in Indianapolis and Jess went to North Central College in Naperville. Those two schools are about three hours apart and they gave the long distance a chance. They ended up lasting all through college and are now living together in Indianapolis and are engaged to be married in September of this year.  

    There is absolutely no doubt that long distance relationships are a challenge but in the end if you can make it through it, it will have shown how strongly you both feel about each other and will all be worth it in the end.