Why I love music


Me (Natalie Perez) on right and my friend, Emily Moreno on left.

Natalie Perez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Your favorite artist tweets out, “New album soon!”, you panic. You get excited and you wait. Then, it comes out and all of a sudden every song you listen to in your room, the shower, your car, as you eat, consumes your life. This is what it’s like to be in love with music. It’s hard to explain to most, because there is not a definition to the feeling you get getting your hands on new music. It opens you up, it exposes times and feelings you were sure you got over. But the album isn’t the end of it. It’s merely the beginning of a memory. Going to concerts is the pinnacle of experience, there is nothing that can beat hearing the song you’ve listened to a million times recorded, live. Everyone in the room is there to experience the same music. People of all different ages, genders, race, none of it matter when it comes to the music. I’ve gone to every kind of concert there is to see. Between festivals, freestyle, small venue, and stadiums, they all leave you with a glowing heart. To see the excitement on both the stage and with the people watching, there is a vibe to the room that makes you come  back. “It’s hard to explain I guess, but I can’t stop going to concerts.” says Madisyn Mihalovits (‘17). It’s not just the music that you get to make memories through, but the people you meet are friends you keep for a long time to come. The friends i’ve made while waiting in line or in the venue are some of the best friends I have. They watch your back and they send you the best videos of your favorite song so you can enjoy it again and again and again. For me, music is much more than something fun to listen to, it makes me who I am.