Union Dairy Ice Cream Shop

Union Dairy Ice Cream Shop

Camille Spencer, Reporter

The Union Dairy ice cream shop will be reopening Wednesday, March 1 for the season. The shop is located at 126 E Douglas St in Freeport. Their shop has over 51 different ice cream flavors. Not only do they sell ice cream, they also offer fried foods like burgers and hot dogs. The place has been open since 1914. In the 1970’s, it was recorded that one hundred thousand gallons of ice cream were made per year there.

Following that fact, in 2004, six hundred gallons of ice cream were sold each week. Along with so much ice cream being sold and given out to customers, the parlor has been considered the best ice cream place since 1999. The parlor later realized they didn’t want to be like any regular ice cream, burger and fry place, so in 2005 they made some adjustments. They remodeled the kitchen, and they had purchased a grill and began serving their food out to the customers. The parlor wanted to become more local and unique, so everything that is made there is local.

Almost all the reviews for this place is positive. The parlor itself is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars. On March 5, they will be showing a family friendly film for everyone of all ages. People coming to this event can enjoy the movie with an ice cream cone.

The shop will be open for seven months. They will be closing for the season on October 30 so make sure to stop in to enjoy some of the best food in the area.