Rec Night

Rec Night

Nora Stilwell, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Just last year, Belvidere North`s Student Council and Prom Committee created a new tradition, hosting the high school’s very first Rec Night here at Belvidere North. Rec Night is an event full of lazer tag, obstacle courses, inflatables, and music provided by a dee-jay. The event will be held on Saturday, March 3, in the school`s cafeteria and gym. Doors open at four in the afternoon; the event starts at five, and ends around nine in the evening. Doors will be open to all North high school students with a school I.D. present. Similar to last year, the spring sports are gathering together, creating different teams to verse each other in laser tag and the obstacle courses for bragging rights.

“I did not go to Rec Night last year,” said Payton Lindsay (`17). “But this year, I am going with my soccer team, and I am really looking forward to it.”

If competitive, Rec Night is a great for team bonding, and a fun way to spend your Saturday night with your friends.

“Last year, there were not as many student involved as we had planned for,” said Lizzy Darling (`17), president of the Student Council. “Student Council and Prom Committee is hoping that because this is our second year hosting Rec Night, more students will show up because they now know what to expect.”

The proceeds made from Rec Night will be going towards Belvidere North`s Student Council. Snacks, soda, and juice will be offered at Rec Night. Tickets are currently on sale fifth hour, during all three lunches for ten dollars a piece. This is the only week tickets can be purchased, and they will not be sold at the door.