The 2017 Oscars


Matt Belinson, Reporter

     The 2017 Oscars were last Sunday and many stories emerged from the event. The Oscars is an event that honors the year’s best films and actors. The award is the most coveted and important for many in the Hollywood industry. The Oscars were not without controversies and memorable moments.

     The biggest awards of the night were for Best Actor in a Leading role, Best Actress in a Leading role, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Picture. Some winners were surprises and some were predicted.

     Best Actor went to Casey Affleck. The film he was starring in was Manchester By the Sea. Affleck played a depressed and heartbroken Boston man. Affleck’s character went through emotional highs and lows while also being held responsible for his brother’s child. Many thought Denzel Washington (Fences) or Ryan Gosling (La La Land) would take the award home.

     Best Actress went to Emma Stone in La La Land. Stone’s character was an aspiring actress trying to make it in Hollywood. Stone has been nominated twice before but this is her first win. Stone’s film, La La Land was the headline film of the night.

     Mahershala Ali, a first time Oscar nominee, won for his supporting role in the film Moonlight. Ali played one part of one boy’s life through a poverty stricken Miami.

     Viola Davis, the winner for Best Supporting Actress, acted alongside Denzel Washington in Fences. Fences is based off the play written by August Wilson, a hero in the eyes of Davis and Washington. The story takes place in Pittsburgh in the 1950’s. An African-American family is trying to live in a changing world while also teaching their oldest son what it means to be a man and be successful.

     The final award of the night was the most controversial. Best Picture was the most up in the air award. Manchester by the Sea, Moonlight, La La Land and Hacksaw Ridge were the big contenders out of the nine nominees. The big shock of the night was not because of what the Academy decided, it was how it transpired.

     The presenters of the award, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, were handed the wrong envelope. The envelope was for Best Actress, an award already presented. Warren Beatty seemed confused before the envelope was opened and did not know what to do. Faye felt he was taking too long and read the slip. It had the words La La Land on it, but it was in reference to Emma Stone. She announced it and the whole cast and crew came on stage. The actual winner was Moonlight, and the La La Land producer let the world know who really won. Moonlight cast and crew were shocked and then happy as usual. La La land members were visibly upset and confused. Warren was blamed, but in truth a producer handed him the wrong slip.

     The 2017 Oscars were hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, a popular late-night talk show host, emceed for the first time. Kimmel had plenty to say about the Hollywood landscape, President Trump, the nominees and the night in general. Kimmel was very well received and had fun bits throughout.

     The Oscars are a staple of Hollywood achievement, and films in the this upcoming summer and fall will be contenders. Next year will be full of the same surprises and humor, while also presenting recognition to the hard working actors in Hollywood.