The Bachelor Week 9


Lizzy Darling, Reporter

      As this season of the bachelor comes to an end one of the final episodes stills brings shocking surprises.   Andi shows up at Nick’s hotel room just to check in and see how he is and he said that he could end up breaking up with all of them because he doesn’t want to propose to anyone just because they are the last one standing.  The four girls, Vanessa, Rachel, Raven and Corinne wait the result; they are nervous of the other girls and if they will get a rose because they don’t know how the hometowns went or if Nick felt more of a connection with everyone else than them.  Nick sends home Corinne; heartbroken she leaves and heads home to Miami, while the other girls make the trip to Finland for their Fantasy Suite nights.      

      Raven and Nick start their date off with viewing Finland from a helicopter and then spend the day at a local pub with some of the local people.  She is nervous for the night for telling him that she loves him and the activities that could happen when all the cameras are off.  Raven gives him a speech and confesses her feelings for him and ends up saying that she loves him.  Nick is honored that she said such powerful words with him.

      The episode was only an hour long so the preview for the dramatic 3-hour event next week includes the fantasy suite dates of Rachel and Vanessa, the heartbreaking rose ceremony and the Women Tell All.  Next Monday, March 6, 2017 the drama continues on ABC on 7 p.m.