Prom: She said…

Prom: She said...

Bella Kehrer, Showcase Editor

    It’s out of the ordinary to see a girl asking a boy to prom. But why? Normally a girl is always being asked to a dance unless it’s a winter formal. Honestly, there’s really no problem with a girl asking a guy but it will switch up the whole idea of these dances.

   Generally, the boy asks and pays for the girl, this has always just been how it goes. Recently you have started to see more girls asking guys though. Girls tend to ask a boy if he doesn’t go to the same school as her or if he is an underclassmen. That seems completely normal, but if girls started to ask boys in their own grade, it would be expected that they pay just like the boys do. It isn’t obligated that a boy pays but it’s nice when they do.

  “I like when boys ask, it’s less work for me. Also, I think a girl should only ask if the boy is from a different school,” said Hayley Redner (‘18).

   “I think that a boy should ask because that’s just how it goes. The only time a girl should ask is if the guy is an underclassmen or he’s from another school. I don’t have a problem with girls asking, but I personally would never do it,” said Hannah Konkler (‘18).

   As you can see, most girls prefer to have a boy ask them to a dance. Whether or not you take the initiative to ask a boy to prom this year, things most likely will never change and boys will continue to ask girls to school dances such as prom.