Taylormade Golf


Dustin Johnson hits Taylormade M1 driver at the BMW Championship on the PGA Tour.

Garrett Nelson, Reporter

The game of golf is growing rapidly with huge names like Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, and Rickie Fowler revolutionizing the game and spreading the love of golf throughout the country and throughout the world. The growth of the game is leading to golf companies also growing their brand and innovating new clubs to improve the average weekend golfer’s game.

Taylormade is by far the best driver in golf. The number one and the number two golfer’s in the world both use the M1 driver. This is the top of the line driver made by Taylormade, which is priced around $500 for a brand new one. But, for someone that is looking for something a little more reasonably priced to play on the weekends, they have something for that too. You can get a year or two year old driver that is brand new for a very reasonable price, around $200-$300. These R-15’s or AeroBurner driver’s are great for the weekend player, they both have customizable features that allows the less experienced golfer to shift the weights in the club head in order to balance out their extreme slice or hook. These innovations greatly improve the casual golfer.

Not only does this company have outstanding driver’s but they also have incredible irons. The Taylormade RSi1 and RSi2 club lines are wildly popular among ametuer golfer’s across the country. They also make a higher end club for pro golfer’s and those that are right around scratch play. Taylormade has something for a golfer of every skill level. They have a wide array of different club faces, shaft styles and shaft flexes.

Typically the higher the price for a set of irons the better the feel is on impact, but you also want to consider how consistent your swing is when you think about purchasing a higher end set of clubs. If you are someone that does not play a whole lot and does not have a great swing, then buying a higher end golf club is going to be detrimental to your game. Sets of clubs that are in excess of $1,000 are going to have a much better feel when you are hitting the sweet spot of the clubface. However, these clubs have a much smaller sweet spot. This means that there is a much higher chance of an errant shot with a small mistake on your swing than there would be on a set of clubs around $600.

If you are looking to get a set of clubs then you need to set a cap on your spending limit. Next, you need to go to your local golf store and try out different clubs and figure out what is best for you. Once you have done that you will look to get those clubs fitted for your height, arm length, club angle, etc. The better the fit of your cubs to your body and swing plane, then you will be more capable of hitting good golf shots on a more consistent basis.