Spring break plans

Spring break plans

Lauren Shelton, Reporter

     Belvidere North’s spring break is quickly approaching and it is a perfect time of the year to travel or make plans. Spring Break starts on March 27 and goes through March 31. Many students and their families have plans to travel around the country or things to do locally with their friends.

     One of those students is Sofi Zeman. Her and her family plan on traveling to MLB spring training.

     “I am very excited to visit Arizona to watch the Sox and Royals play at spring training. It will be my first time going to the training and my family is split when it comes to our favorite team, so it should be a lot of fun,” said Sofi Zeman (‘19).

For the students and families who do not have any ideas of how to spend their break, here are some other ideas. One option to consider is just taking a road trip up to the Wisconsin Dells or a day trip to Chicago. Ideas that are even more local are going to a concert, going on a shopping trip, or even just organizing a day to hangout outside with a group of friends. The weather is going to be enjoyable so make sure to take this opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. If spending time inside seems more appealing, then watch your favorite TV shows or read a good book. Some students from Belvidere North have already decided to spend their time at home.

     “I have very exciting plans, playing video games and catching up on Netflix,” said Tanner Mateus (‘19).

     If being able to give up some time and help out in the community sounds interesting, there are many volunteer opportunities that will be opening up for more positions as we approach spring. One of them is BraveHearts Therapeutic Riding and Educational Center. As the weather warms up, they get busier and are looking for more teens, as well as children and adults, who are willing to work with therapy horses.

     “Being able to give up my time and help others is a very rewarding experience,” Olivia Hart (‘19).

     Another option would be to volunteer at the Belvidere Food Pantry. More workers are greatly needed down there to help out with stocking shelves and lots of hands on positions. By choosing to volunteer, it is a great way to help out around the community and possibly leave a lasting impact.

     All of these are great ways to enjoy your break, but however you decide to spend your spring break, take time to relax while school is out and have some fun.