Child rejected from hospital


Andres Hernandez, Reporter

     On January 26, a young girl passed away due to asthma complications, however the young girl’s parents have shown extreme anger towards the fact that the girl could have been saved by medical officials.

     The five year old child whose name was Ellie May Clark had a history of severe asthma and had been in a hospital’s high dependency ward over five times in the five years she had been alive, however in her most recent visit to the hospital she was not helped by her doctor due to being four minutes late to her appointment. Ellie May Clark and her mother, who reside in Newport, were told to return next morning, by Dr. Joanne Rowe. Five hours later Ellie May was pronounced dead.

     According to ‘BBC’ Dr. Rowe decided to not comment after journalists reached out to her.

     The girl’s family is calling for criminal inquiry into the doctor and said Dr. Rowe should be struck off the GP (General Practitioner) register. Afterwards, Dr. Rowe was given a warning by the General Medical Council and has now moved to another workplace.

     A few months prior a different doctor had messaged Dr. Rowe, explaining to her that the child was “at risk of another episode of severe and life-threatening asthma” according to the ‘Mail on Sunday’. Ellie May’s mother, Shanice was given an appointment for 5 PM after ringing the clinic on the afternoon of January 26.

     Initially, the staff decided to keep the report secret, however the problem eventually leaked to media outlets. According to staff, Dr. Rowe shouted to a reception “something like ‘No I’m not seeing her she’s late,”.

     “Our lives have been shattered, but Dr. Rowe has been allowed to get a new job and quietly move on with her life as if nothing ever happened.” said Brandi Clark, Ellie May’s grandmother. “We all feel terribly let down, I think Dr Rowe should go to jail for what she did. I can not believe she was not struck off.” Ms Clark later went on to state that they never received an apology from Dr. Rowe.