Prom: He said…

Prom: He said...

Kyle Hauser, Reporter

Around this time of year, a very common argument arises in high schools all across the country.  Should girls ask guys to prom?  This varies greatly on the situation.  

Girls always act like it is the end of the world if they have to ask a guy to a dance.  I do not understand that at all.  Guys have had to ask girls their freshman and sophomore years.  Many times, they are going out on a limb, and the girl has no clue the promposal coming.  From personal experience, it is absolutely terrifying to have to ask a girl without knowing if she is going to say yes or no.  It is a very scary feeling, but most of the time, girls will say yes.  

Nowadays though, many girls know they are going to get asked before the promposal even happens.  That takes all of the excitement out of the question.  That is why promposals are getting stupider and stupider.  

If girls would mix it up and ask a guy in a funny way, it would make promposals much more exciting.  I think it would be the coolest thing if a girl went out on a limb and asked me in an extremely embarrassing, but funny way.  

This isn’t always the case though.  In certain situations, guys are kind of mandated to ask the girl.  For the most part though, people go with either their significant other or a friend, so the girl should feel comfortable enough to ask the guy.

All in all, girls need to step up and take the bullet instead of putting all of the pressure on the guy.  There are very unique and personal ways to ask both boys and girls.  Get out there and get asking.  And if anyone needs a prom date hit me up.  My number is 815-979-1397.