Transgender wrestler wins championship

Transgender wrestler wins championship

Camille Spencer, Reporter

The transgender community is rapidly gaining attention, especially the 17 year old transgender wrestler that recently won a championship.

Mack Beggs is a transgender teenage boy from Texas.  He has always enjoyed wrestling and he never expected to be in the spotlight of the news. On Saturday, February 25, Beggs won his weight class which had been against girls. The state rules did not allow him to wrestle in a boy’s weight class.

Beggs had been taking testosterone to help him in his progression in becoming a male. Michel Martin is apart of the NPR. He said that Beggs had started his transition about a year and a half ago.

The media mainly took interest in this story because most of the parents of the female wrestlers did not agree to the fact that their children were going against someone who was taking testosterone. One woman was so furious that she took the time to file a lawsuit against the league that organizes public school sports. Beggs had wanted to compete with boys but Texas’s rules stated that he had to compete with the gender written on his birth certificate.

Mack has had an undefeated season. He doesn’t plan on stopping the sport considering that he receives both hate and support. Whenever he wins his matches, he gets a lot of cheers, but also many boos. All of his friends and family support him and all of his wins while other people say “Beggs should be on a different mat, he doesn’t belong there”.

Even with Beggs being the star of the show, he goes on to say at the championship that he wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for his teammates.

Beggs said,

“That’s honestly what the spotlight should have been on, is my teammates. We trained hard every single day.”

Mack Beggs wants to continue his gender transition and hopefully attempt to change the rule to where he will be able to wrestle whatever gender he desires.