Natalie Perez, Co-Editor-in-Chief

It’s that time of year again. The time of half finished assignments, and trying to decide whether homework is really worth it or not. Second semester seniors suffer from a condition known as senioritis. I myself am such a victim of senioritis, showing as I am writing this story right before it’s due. I have created a list of some of the symptoms of second semester seniors suffering from this condition.

Staring at a blank google doc for ten minutes and then closing the computer
Deciding that finishing the study guide just isn’t worth the points
Going to sleep at 3am
Going to sleep at 3pm
Copy and Paste and Wikipedia have moved to the top of your best friend list, who cares about credibility?
Finding yourself staring at your hair instead of writing your essay
Not being able to spell anything, literally nothing
Reading absolutely none of your english books
Refusing to capitalize anything, including your name
Putting the work in to find out which classes require the least amount of work
Falling asleep during class no matter what’s happening
Playing with your water bottle
Playing with anything you can get your hands on
Eating school lunch and not caring at all
Calculating how much your grade will drop if you don’t do that assignment
Going to bed in sweatpants, then getting up and going to school in the same sweat pants
Wearing nothing but college apparel
Not bringing your backpack to school
Hearing those golden words “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed” from literally every adult in your life
Never plugging in the chromebooks. Ever.
Realizing you spent your paycheck on McDonald’s

Looking for dorm stuff while you should be finishing your science project.
Worrying about prom
Worrying about graduation
Worrying about prom some more
Using group chats for homework help, only to realize no one in the group actually did it
Giving yourself less and less time to get back from senior privilege
Seeing if people notice you’ve worn the same sweatshirt for a week
Hoping “past you” left gym clothes somewhere because “present you” forgot yours
Doing literally anything you can to avoid doing work
Having PTSD flashbacks when people ask how your college search is going
Forgetting whether or not you did work, and really not caring either way
Sleeping through your alarm, giving up, and having your mom call you in
Only having enough motivation for fifteen minutes of work, all day
Having no idea how long your hair actually is because it’s been in a bun for a month
Not coming to school because your favorite pair of pants are dirty
Losing an unnecessary amount of points, and then having to talk to Mr. Fry and cry to get your points back.
Wondering why we had no snow days
Playing eight ball with everyone in class.

Not proofreading this story.
Making the most out of your senior year, no matter what that may mean