Grey’s Anatomy


Samantha Erb, Reporter

After many seasons of heartbreak, death, happiness, and love. Grey’s Anatomy has had many season 13 to be exact and now they are adding a season 14. Dr. Meredith Grey is back in action to finish season 13 and to start season 14 with many of her cast and crew members.

     Season 13 had its up’s and downs, with Alex almost going to jail, saying goodbye to Dr.Callie Torres and saying hello to the new Doctor Nathan Riggs . Back in season 12 Callie and Arizona were arguing over their daughter’s future and whether it should be with Arizona her adoptive mother  and all of her friends or with Callie her Biological mother in a completely new place with new people. At the end of the trial it is finally decided that Sophia daughter of Callie and Arizona will stay with the more fit mother Arizona. Poor Sophia is completely confused on why she is not with her other mother or why she hasn’t been seeing her lately. But Arizona makes the decision that she can see Callie even if Arizona has full parental custody.

   Also at the end of Season 12 Amelia Shepard and Owen Hunt get married, but before that Meredith has a little secret relationship with Nathan, which at the wedding Meredith’s half sister Maggie pierce has a very big crush on and Meredith can not tell Maggie about how she had a romantic evening with Nathan.

      As of right now the Chief of Surgery is Miranda Bailey and she is doing a wonderful job just as everyone has suspected. Her husband Ben Warren has really made her job hard as he gets into a lot of trouble as which one should have been fired for but wasn’t due to the fact that he is married to the Chief of Surgery. The Interim Chief of General Surgery is April Kepner which makes Alex and Meredith not happy at all.

   Alex is very all over the place especially with Jo Willison. Jo is his girlfriend but he wants to start his life with this girl. Alex can’t because she is married to someone else and has changed her name. So coming home Jo is completely wasted which has to do with the fact that Alex left because she won’t marry him. Her friend Andrew Deluca takes her home and helps her get to bed and she trips and he falls on her. Of course Alex would walk in on it and takes action by beating Andrew almost to death and that is why Alex almost goes to jail.

       Season 13 has picked up where it left off for the rest of the current season. At the end of this season you will have another season to wait for. Season 14 is supposed to have a lot of drama.