NO school spirit?

NO school spirit?

Bella Kehrer, Showcase Editor

    School isn’t always the most fun place to go, but when your school is offering out of school activities why aren’t we participating?

   Our school has little to no school spirit. Recently, North was going to host their Rec Night. Last year Rec Night was a hit, and 150 tickets were sold. This year, only 30 tickets were sold. Rec Night was cancelled due to the lack of sales. This is only one of the events that prove we have no school spirit.

  Then there are sporting events…our basketball team may not be the best, but as a school we should have a student section full of enthusiasm. At home basketball games around, 15 students show up to help cheer on the team, whereas schools like Hononegah and Boylan have 40-50 students. There’s no reason student’s shouldn’t be going; it’s free to get in. Even football games were unenjoyable this year. Student’s wouldn’t cheer, they wouldn’t dress up for the themes and the turn out for away games was embarrassing. We went from having the best student section in 2015 to nearly the worst all within a year.

   “My freshman year the student section was the best,” said Hayley Redner (‘18).

  There is a small excuse for the reason our spirit is so poor, our school has only been around for 10 years so there isn’t really a huge ‘family’ bond between current and previous students. WIth a fairly new school, we’re still trying to find the groove and the best cheers to use. That doesn’t explain the poor turn outs. If students started to show up and cheer for the participating team, we could pump up the players. School is a place where we should be excited to go to the sporting events, dances, activities and whatever else there is to offer.

   One thing a lot of freshman have brought to Twitter is having no winter formal. Our school has tried to host a winter formal more than once. 2012 was when the last winter formal was held and it was successful. Two years ago was the closest we ever got to getting back to that 2012 winter formal. Student council got the event all the way to ticket sales but yet again, nobody bought a ticket. Students are hoping to get a Sadie’s back for next year.

   It’s quite unfortunate that, as a school, we can’t even support our own events. Hopefully as the seniors leave, the juniors will take over and get the school back on track. If the upcoming school year brings more spirit, the underclassmen should take charge and continue to fill the halls with it.