The Bachelor Week 10 & Woman Tell All


Lizzy Darling, Reporter

      The week’s episode opens with the ending of Raven’s overnight date and they both say that their night was perfect.  

      Rachel’s overnight was stressed on the fact of opening up and being scared about showing her feelings.  They lightened her mood by going cross country skiing and getting a sleigh ride with reindeer.  He said that if there was no fear of rejection, what would you say right now, and he said that she loves him.  The morning comes and he then leaves for Vanessa’s date.  

      Vanessa and Nick embrace the Finnish culture by going back and forth from an ice bath to a hot sauna.  Then they have another heavy conversation on the fear from Nick that they are too similar of a person; Vanessa said that she is looking for someone that does share the same qualities as her.  She shares the words ‘I love you’ to him and is very confident and excited to tell him, and for him he feels that the relationship may experience more conflict because of their strong personalities.  After the night, she woke up with the sure feeling that he is the perfect guy for her yet she is scared that they haven’t figured out key details in a life after The Bachelor.  

      All three girls imagine their lives with Nick and they are aware of the value of the rose and how crucial it is to get it.  Nick knows how difficult it will be to have to say goodbye to one of these girls; Raven and Vanessa receive the only two roses left to leave Rachel to say goodbye.  

      The good news is that Rachel was announced the new Bachelorette for the next season of the Bachelorette.  


Women Tell All

      All of the girls have returned and watch a rell of the controversy’s of the season, the shark-dolphin costume, the hookup between Liz and Nick and of course the Taylor vs Corinne.  The girls are slip on who to support and they are trying to explain to Corinne how she was being disrespectful and how Taylor was bullying.  

      Liz takes the hot seat first and explains that she went on to see if there was still a connection with Nick and there wasn’t.  

      Taylor takes the hot seat and they discuss how she bullied Corinne and they understood where Corinne was coming from and she was just trying to make a memorable impression.  She still expected an apology for the rude comments that were said about her and how it affects her career.      

      Corinne then takes it and admits that she came off more promiscuous than suspected.  Taylor apologizes for the confrontation between them.  Corinne refuses but does say she started the fight and she doesn’t like to be crossed.  It is a reality TV show, so of course, there is a resolved confrontation between them.  

      Nick comes out and answers Christina’s question on commitment and how she felt such a strong connection, yet he did not.  He said that he wanted more like with the other relationships and they weren’t moving fast enough.  

      Rachel comes out and is announced the new Bachelorette, she is the first African American Bachelorette and is excited to begin her journey.  She discusses that she doesn’t have a type and is excited to open up to the guys and meet them and hopefully find love  

      The final episode of The Bachelor is next Monday at 7 on ABC; Nick will either choose Raven the sweet, country girl from Hoxie, AK or Vanessa the girl that shares a lot in common with each other from Canada.