Cherry Valley Mall new age restrictions

Cherry Valley Mall new age restrictions

Connor Walsh, Co-Sports Editor

     The days of groups of middle schoolers meeting up at the mall are finally coming to an end.  Starting on March 17, the Cherry Valley Mall will be implementing new rules about age restrictions.  On Fridays and Saturdays after four pm, all visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or by someone over the age of 21.  

     This new policy is being put into place to try and limit the amount of unsupervised minors in  the mall.  They are trying to eliminate all of the fighting that goes on in the mall, as four teens were arrested last December due to fighting.  There were also two shootings in the span of eight days last fall, causing mall officials to create the new safety policy.  

     “We get a lot of congregations from the minors at the mall,” Cherry Valley Police Acting Sgt. Paul Seitz said. “We’ve been having a lot of problems. As everyone knows, we’ve had a couple shootings. We also get a lot of fights.”

     To enforce their new policy, the mall will have every teen I.D’d at the door, and if they are not accompanied by a parent or someone over 21, they will not be allowed to enter.  For those who work at the mall and are under 18, the mall will be issuing special I.D’s to allow them to enter.  

     “For 43 years, CherryVale Mall has been the center of commerce in this area supporting hundreds of jobs and generating millions of dollars in sales tax revenues,” said Mark Peterson, the mall’s general manager. “Public safety must always be one of our CherryVale Mall top priorities. Shoppers have continued to express concern about the uncomfortable atmosphere due to the behavior of unsupervised youth.”

     The mall has been receiving many messages from customers on their social media, which also prompted them to make the change.  Only time will tell if their changes will keep the mall a safer place.