Why juniors shouldn’t take prom too seriously


Prom is on April 8th

Cassiana Pozzi, entertainment editor

     Everyone is getting ready for prom; whether it be picking out dresses, going tanning, or finding dates, the upperclassmen are busy. But there are also a lot of students who are planning their trips after prom or how they are getting to prom. I understand wanting to have a fun night but as a junior I feel like prom should be more relaxed and not as eventful, because then what would you have to look forward to for senior year? If you rent a limo, buy the most expensive dress, get hair, makeup and nails professionally done, and plan a small trip for afterwards. This sounds fun and all, but for seniors not juniors.

     If juniors do all of these extravagant things what will they have to do for senior prom? Do the exact same thing? What’s so special about that? Senior prom is supposed to be a special night, a night many look forward to since elementary school when the event was glorified on every Disney movie. Senior prom should be the dance that you spend nearly thousands on, because it’s the last dance you will be attending as a high schooler. Spending thousands for prom as a junior makes that next year less special, more like a do over.

     By all means, juniors can go all out on this years prom, but everyone shouldn’t have to buy the most expensive dress this year or have to have a huge party bus this year. Save that money and use it to make your senior prom more special. I think we can all agree that prom is supposed to be the best night our our high school lives, “night” as in singular. I’m not trying to bash my fellow classmates who have major plans for the night but it’s just an idea to think about; keeping senior prom the most special high school night.