The Madness of March

NCAA March Madness logo.

NCAA March Madness logo.

Garrett Nelson, Reporter

The March Madness is one of the most watched sports tournament in the country. The bracket will be set on Sunday, which will make and break dreams of college basketball players all over the country. There are the constant teams such as Duke, UNC, Gonzaga, Louisville, Notre Dame, and Florida State, that are almost always a part of the dance. But, there are also the smaller teams that everyone expects little of, but peak in the tournament and take out some top teams, dubbed the “Cinderellas”. The two most recent “Cinderella” teams are the 2013 Wichita State, and Florida Gulf Coast squads. FGCU is the only 15 seed to ever win two games in the NCAA tournament. They became wildly popular with their “swag” that they played with on the court. The team was nicknamed “Dunk City” for their large number of high-flying alley-oops. Wichita State was an absolute powerhouse team for a nine seed in the tournament. They beat the No. 8 Pittsburg, No. 1 Gonzaga, No. 13 La Salle, and No. 2 Ohio State. They played all the way into the Final Four, where they lost in the final seconds to the would-be NCAA Tournament Champions.

These “Cinderella” teams make the brackets a lot of fun to fill out and put money on. There are always some team around a No. 12 seed that knocks out some team around a No. 2 seed that ruins everyone’s bracket. But, there is always that chance that the bracket you fill out is completely correct. If you fill out a bracket and get the whole thing right on then they will give you $1 Billion, but some believe the odds of getting the entire thing right are 1 in 9.2 quintillion. To put that into perspective, the odds of winning the lottery is roughly 1 in 14 million. So, while the odds of you winning $1 Billion is highly unlikely, filling out a bracket with your friends is a lot of fun.

The NCAA Tournament controls the lives of millions of people in the month of March. Companies make new policies regarding watching the games during work because of employees filling out brackets and gluing themselves to their computer screens focusing on the big game instead of their jobs.

The bracket is filled with uncertainty and questionable games, but there will be dreams made and broken out on the courts this month. There is also the possibility of someone getting a perfect bracket, and that will keep everyone on the edge of their seat.