Sports Fundraiser


Kyle Hauser, Reporter

For every high school sport, every student athlete wants to be at the school with the best looking uniforms.  Yeah, everybody wants to win games and conference, but uniform looks also play a key role in how successful of a season you have.  There is no point in winning games if you have boring and old uniforms.

That’s not all true, but many schools now try to have the newest and coolest uniforms.  No matter what sport, teams are constantly trying to get new equipment and uniforms.  As for Belvidere North, our boosters help out every sport significantly every year.  They raise money through many activities they do around the community.  They in turn take care of each team at North as much as they possibly can.  

As for North’s case, the boosters help us tremendously and we are very thankful for them, but most teams want more gear or equipment then what the boosters can afford, so they are forced to fundraise.  There are many ways to help raise money for sports.  

One of the biggest fundraisers that has been used at North is the discount cards.  The students athletes are forced to go door to door asking the community to buy a discount card to help fund the program.  If the student athletes are polite and ask in an honest way, most of the time, they can sell many cards if they put in the effort.  For this fundraiser, it is based very heavily on the student athlete’s effort.  

Another fundraiser that is done at North is the sale of North apparel.  In this case, it is harder to sell because many people only want to buy North apparel if they have a kid going to North or in the district.  This fundraiser can help raise a lot of money very fast if they try to sell to the correct group of people.  This sale is very hit or miss.

Another fundraiser that many travel teams do is a moonlight bowling.  The student athletes talk to their close friends and get a group of people to pay to go bowling.  This fundraiser is almost a complete turnaround and can make a lot of money with only a few sales.  The team gets most of the ticket sales, but the bowling alley still makes a lot of money off of food and beverage sales.  Though this is not as common for high school sports, it is still very common.

All in all, teams are greedy and always want  more than they get, so they must fundraise to afford what they want.  Many people in the community like to support the local high schools, which makes fundraising pretty easy.  Fundraisers are based heavily on the effort that the kids put into raising money for their program.