Northwestern is moving on


Matt Belinson, Reporter

While most college basketball fans and alumni love to root for their schools throughout the season, only one event matters to all. The NCAA Tournament is the “Big Dance” that all schools want a chance to play in.

     The Northwestern Wildcats are currently 21-10 overall and 10-7 in the Big Ten Conference. The Wildcats have an outstanding home record of 14-4. Northwestern is 5th in the Big Ten Conference and has some impressive wins under their resume.  

     The Wildcats have beaten the 7th seeded at the time, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana. The Wildcats have taken some bad hits to their potential bif to the tourney. Illinois has beaten them twice, 16th seeded Purdue beat the Wildcats and 24th seeded Maryland came to Northwestern and beat them at home.

     The Wildcats should make the NCCA Tournament. The Big Ten Conference Tourney will be the Wildcat’s chance to play better competition to prove their talent. The first game the Wildcats will play in the tourney will be against Rutgers.

     Northwestern beat Rutgers 83-61 in round one of the Big Ten Tournament. The wildcats went on 31-0 run to start the first half. Defensive stops and good shots at the basket were big factors to a huge start. The next game the wildcats play in the tourney will be against the 3rd seeded Maryland on 3/10.


     While the official NCAA bracket doesn’t appear until Sunday, after all conference tourneys are finished, Northwestern will be heavily looked at to appear in the “Big Dance”.