“Logan” review


Hugh Jackman (pictured), as Wolverine

Will Sieracki, Reporter

     “Logan” is one of the last parts of the Wolverine series, and so far, people think it’s one of the best. Dan Jolin of Empire called it “the best Wolverine movie yet”, and Jeffrey Anderson of Common Sense Media said the film “elevated the superhero genre to new heights.” “Logan” has a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, making it one of the highest rated movies so far in 2017.


     The main character is once again Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman for what he claims is the final time. The movie starts out with a very old Wolverine, going by the name Logan. He’s taking care of Professor X (played by Patrick Stewart,) who has some sort of brain disease, as he has random seizures throughout the movie. Logan is asked to escort an eleven year old girl named Laura to a place in North Dakota known as “Eden.” The rest of the movie shows Logan and Laura’s journey to Eden. There are spoilers ahead, just as a warning.


     Around the middle of the movie, Logan, Professor X, and Laura are at a farm after being given shelter by a family. Professor X is remembering a seizure he had that wiped out most of the X-Men, and he’s expressing his guilt to someone he thinks is Logan. It turns out to be X-24, a clone of Wolverine, and X-24 stabs Professor X through the chest with his claws, mortally wounding him.


     It’s been said before; all things must come to an end. In the final battle between Logan and X-24, X-24 impales Logan on a tree stump. Laura shoots and kills X-24 immediately after, but it’s too late, as Logan dies on the tree stump.
     “Logan” is easily the most emotional, tear-jerking Marvel movie thus far. It’s got enough action and enough drama to satisfy anyone who sees the movie, regardless of whether they’re a Marvel fan.