Chance the Rapper donates $1 million to Chicago schools


Andres Hernandez, Reporter


     Chance the Rapper has donated $1 million dollars to Chicago’s public school system, which has escalated the debate on how Chicago’s public school system is seen as severely underfunded by many people.

     On Monday, March 7, the performer, a Chicago native announced that the funds would support classes that deal in the arts, as well as any after-school programs. After the donation the performer went on to speak at a news conference at Westcott Elementary School, blocks away from where he grew up.

     The famous rapper called the donation as a ‘call to action’, stating that he believed that many public schools in the area did not receive enough support.

     “I’m honored to make this donation to Chicago Public Schools Foundation and help cultivate Chicago’s creative minds,” he said, adding “I’m committed to helping Chicago’s children have quality learning experiences that include the arts,”.

     The Chicago Public School System (CPS) needs over $215 million to help balance this year’s budget, and Illinois Republican Governor, Bruce Rauner, has been deadlocked with Democratic officials over how to help the school district. The governor presented two options for getting the money to CPS on Monday, both of which were rejected by CPS and Chicago.

     Governor Rauner previously vetoed legislation in December that would have sent the school district the $215 million that was needed to balance the budget.

     CPS officials have quietly welcomed Chance’s recent use of his celebrity status to highlight the district’s financial plight. The performer, whose name original name is Chancelor Bennett, has a history of criticizing government decisions and speaking out against politicians.