Bonnie Konopka , Reporter

Belvidere North’s improv team has had a very interesting season this school year. They have already put on two improv shows for the season. One show occurred earlier in the year and the other one was a Christmas show.
“We had a Christmas show and that one was very fun. We also had a show earlier this year, which a lot of people attended,” said Jazmine Guzman (‘18).
The first show was more difficult for the team, because a lot of people were new to improv, so it was the first time they had performed in a show.
“The first show was really interesting because there were five new people on the team. There was one scene I was in when I got stuck because I had nothing to say, but it came together. The Christmas show was hilarious. One thing we did was all get in a line and ask Santa what we wanted for Christmas. When it was my turn I went up and told Santa I didn’t believe in him,” said Natalie Abramat (‘19).
The improv team is also planning on putting on one or two more shows before the end of the school year.
“We should be having a show later this March and then we might be having one more show towards the end of the year in May,” said Guzman (‘18).
Last week the team attended an improv workshop which was called ‘Yes and…’ that many of the people on the team attended.
“I didn’t get to go because I was busy this weekend. Even though I couldn’t go I am pretty excited to see what everyone else learned and how they are going to fit that into our upcoming practices and improv shows. Everyone that attended the workshop said that they all had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it,” said Guzman (‘18).
The workshop included three different schools and focused on character development in scenes. Improv professionals from Chicago came to the workshop to work with the teams and put on a show.
“The workshop was mostly for improv teams. It was a good experience to see what other teams do. Batavia High School practiced with long form, which is where you take a scene and make it longer. At the end of the night Batavia performed an hour long show. We focused on short form, which is when you play games that create a connection with the audience and make them laugh,” said Abramat (‘19).