Class average


Samantha Erb , Reporter

  In school you have your own grade, your GPA and the class average. If the class average is a high grade, naturally you would think that the teacher is doing a good job at teaching his or her class. If the class average is low, then you would think that the teacher is not doing their job. Do you think that if the class average is failing that it should be the classes or the teacher’s fault?

          It can go both ways . If a teacher can see that the class is failing, then they should take action and figure out why. If the teacher has an extremely lazy class that does not turn in their work, then it falls on the students. But if the majority of the class is struggling and the teacher isn’t doing something to help them pass then that it is your fault. Class average is based on how well the class is understands what the teacher teaches.

         It could be the class’s fault because they aren’t putting in the effort that they could be. I personally know that with one of my classes a lot of the students don’t pay attention and then they want to blame it on the teacher not doing his or her job. That it is not the teacher’s fault.  In a normal case, the teacher will do everything in their power to make sure that students succeed.But in this case, the teacher tries their very best, only to watch the students fail because they won’t listen to what the teacher has to say. The students are on their phones, talking, playing games and many just stare off into space. There are students doing their job and paying attention who don’t get the full effect that the teacher can give them. It is not fair that a teacher has to deal with a class full of kids that don’t care whether they pass or fail. No matter what, the students that try to learn have to deal with the repercussions of the students that are misbehaving.

        Teachers only try to do their best for their students, but sometimes students do have one of the bad teachers. They might get the teacher that doesn’t care whether the students do well, because they are just here for the paycheck. They don’t teach; they have Youtube videos do it for them and they just sit at the desk grade papers and not care what the class does.

           It all really does come down to the way the class acts and how much or how little the teacher cares. If you have a class that cares then you have a teacher that wants to do his or her job.