Prom Reminders


Bella Kehrer, Showcase Editor

    As prom approaches there are many things you’ll need to have the perfect prom. Starting from the dress all the way down to the flowers. Here are few things you’ll need to prepare for the night.

  1. Dress/Tux

    The dress and tux are a crucial part of the night. Girls will usually go to stores such as Peaches, Gipper and Duckies for their dress. After the girl has found the dress she’ll communicate with her date and he’ll go get the tux. Some local tux places are Men’s Wearhouse, After Five Boutique and Seno Formal Wear.

    2)  Picture places

   After you get the dress, next you need to figure out where you’ll be able to take pictures. Some hot spots are Belvidere Park, Midway VIllage, Rock Valley college and Nicholas Conservatory. A few overlooked places are golf courses. Aldean, Timber Pointe and Swan Hills are all local golf courses that have a good amount of scenery to get great photos.

    3)  A ride

    Once you know where you’re going, you’ll need to find a ride. With our prom being out in Harvard, you’ll need to find a safe and efficient way to get to the Starline Factory. There is a bus that is providing rides to the event. If you take the prom bus you’ll need to ride it there and back. If you are driving to the dance you’ll need to be safe and smart on the 30-40 minute drive.

   4) Another crucial part of the night is all the small details. Flowers, hair, makeup, haircuts for boys, etc. Some flower shops that offer quality arrangements are Barr’s Flowers in Belvidere, Pepper Creek in Rockford and Crimson Ridge also in Rockford. Girls also will go above and beyond to get hair and makeup done. If you want to get a good hairstyle for cheap you can to Tricoci University. If not there are many hair salons that will do prom hair and makeup. Boys will usually get a clean haircut to freshen up their look. 

   These few details are all crucial to have a perfect prom night. Get started on making appointments and such because prom is quickly approaching.