Jared Young receives Golden Apple

Mr. Jared Young receives his Golden Apple

Mr. Jared Young receives his Golden Apple

Ben Clanin, Co-Sports Editor

     Mr. Jared Young, a business teacher here at Belvidere North, received the Golden Apple Award last Friday.  The Golden Apple Award is an award that rewards excellence in teaching and leadership since 1986. There is a process that every Golden Apple nominee must undergo to receive this prestigious award, and the final step in that process is that a group of observers come in and watch the classroom.

     “He was very impressive. As a business professional, I found the material being taught to be relevant and on point, as well as useful not in only in business but in life,” said one observer.

     Before becoming a teacher Mr. Young worked in retail both at Target and at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Woodfield, where he was the manager.  But Young had a feeling deep down that teaching was where he belonged.

     “There was just a feeling inside of me that told me that teaching was where I was supposed to be,” said Young.  “To me teaching is a calling more than it is a job, it’s hard to explain but I knew it was what I was supposed to be doing.”

     And so he got his education degree from the University of Phoenix and began his career in 2008 at Belvidere High school and then moved on to Belvidere North in 2010.  In that short time here Mr. Young has established himself as a standout teacher here at North and has cemented his teaching legacy with his Golden Apple.

     “The Golden Apple has given me some level of validation for sure, because when you’re teaching you’re in a silo, I may feel really good about a lesson I’m about to teach but there is no way to know for sure,” said Young.

     “My favorite part about teaching is the ‘ah-ha’ moment that students hit, I do my best to give them the tools and teach them how to use them and I like to see how they solve a situation or problem for themselves.”

     As the adviser of the DECA chapter at North and as a business teacher Mr Young has cemented his legacy here as a Golden Apple recipient.